We started out with a bottle Nubian goat and started to breed with other breeds. Then I decided

I wanted fiber goats. Colored and white fiber. The best of both worlds.

So we purchased a few  Registered Colored Angora's  

My husband shears in the spring and fall. They kid only in the spring . We will be having babies for

sale in April of each year and will keep everyone up to date on their babies and fiber. Some older

goats will be for sale soon, they make great starter flocks for people. We are not very big in size,

but, that way they get the best of care, food and attention etc. We like to do most things natural.

When they need their shots and med they get it. I milk some of my goats and make soap and

cheese and grow herbs and put them in both. Also the goats and sheep get herbs too. I have

some neutered males for some one who just wants a fiber goat to run with the girls. He can have

a great color and would be perfect to be with girls. This breed is very gentle and very personable.

They have a llama running  with them, his name is Hummer. He is black and is a super guy. The

billy's have their own place most of the year except in the fall during breeding time. They visit the

girls in the fall. I love my set up. The girls have the run of around the pond and the woods and

they all have their own brass bell around their neck and I can see them and hear them when they

come over by the house. It really sounds neat when they come over to say Hi!! Also it lets me

know if anything is around chasing them by their bells. We love  having them around. The babies

have play equipment to play on and little slides .
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About Goats
Name of goat        ID         Gender     Year born               Color              Dam      Sire

Squirrel             380           Doe            2011                   White            Dot         Phil

Janette             633           Doe            2011                   White        new to herd in 2015   

Rosie               523           Doe              2013                  White             
Juliet      Stevie

Sally                 579          Doe               2013                  White            Sable      Stevie

Danica             588           Doe              2014             White/with Black spot       Dill         Stevie

D'Artagnan       592          Buck              2014             Chocolate            Dill         Stevie

Declan             589           Buck              2014               White          Diamond      Stevie

Bentley             044          Wither           2014             Carmel             Hope          Stevie

Mercedes        000          Whither          2014               White           Hope            Stevie

Alice                 582         Doe               2014                White          Squirrel         Stevie

Sadee              651         Baby             2015                 Black           Diamond       Onyx
Link to where you can see pictures of all the Angoras.  
They are a registered spinners flock.

If you see a
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we do have their fleece for

We do keep the pictures and prices up on the site, once the fleece is sold.
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