Big Valley Ranch
Bee Products
We put the honey
into your
containers, once we
receive your order
You get to enjoy Wild
Flower honey raised here
on the Ranch
poured honey
2 oz clear plastic bears
with screw on plastic top
8 oz clear plastic bears
with screw on plastic top
squeeze spout
16 oz clear plastic skep
with screw on plastic top
snap lid  
16 oz clear glass Classic
with screw on plastic top
16 oz glass Muth Jar
with cork stopper
13.5 oz clear glass Hex Jar
gold twist off plastisol lid
Because we do not want to charge any extra
expense for shipping, we will have to calculate
shipping cost, once we know the mailing
Paypal buttons are for Honey in Containers only.
We do add a small fee of $2.50 to help cover the
expense of boxes, tape, bags, box wrapping
paper, printers ink, etc.
Fun Facts
It takes about
556 workers
to gather
1 pound of
Honey from
2 million
Fun Facts
Each Hive has
One Queen
Females are
are called
$5.00 per bar
Honey bees
wax lotion bars
size of bar  2 3/8" x 1"
weighs around 1 ounce
made from our home raised
honey and wax