We were city mice and bought horses and decided that it was time to move to the
country. We raised Arabian horse and showed them at local shows. Then our two boys
started in 4-H so we switched to Quarter & Paint Horses and raised them also.
While in 4-H our local county started a new bottle lamb class, and that was when we
took off and running with sheep. The first lamb we bought was at a auction, she is a
Suffolk, her name was Precious.

We enjoyed the sheep so much we decided to invest in more. We live in the southeast
corner of Iowa. And at our county fair the only type of sheep the judge looks at are
Suffolk, but I wanted woollies.
All the sheep have their own personality and demeanour. They all have a different look
and I can tell you, who each one is. Thats what I like, I'm not very big. Thats the way I like
it, they get the very best of care, food, meds, herbs, salt, water and treats.
They all have a coat to wear to keep their wool clean and free of chaff. My girls all lamb
in late winter. The babies seem to be healthier & more vigorous if born in the winter.
Abbreviation: BFL=Blue Faced Leicester         BL=Border Leicester
Chorri=Corriedale                        Wensly=Wensleydale   

We like to cross breeds, I'm trying to bring    
out the best qualities for the fiber artists

The  Sheep Flock
Name                                                Color                                        Breed
Dutchess Paris's daughter              Silver/Gray                                BFL x BL
Eiffel  Paris's daughter                                   White                         BFL x BL-Wensly
Gah Gah  Paris's daughter                          White                         BFL x BL-Wensly
Sis  Monti's daughter                                   Shades of Gray                  BL x BL-Wensly
Unique France & Walter's daughter           White                        BFL x BL-Wensly
Annietutu Wookie & Simon's daughter     White                  Coopworth x BFL-Wensly
BooBoo  Shetland Ram                       Ivory                                  Shetland
Tootie                                                   White                             BFL Cross

2012 Babies
Stefani Wookie's daughter                          White                          Coopworth x BFL
Adele Paris's daughter                                White                         Blue Faced Leicester  
Monkey  Black Pearl's daughter             Silver/Gray                         Shetland                   
Cricket  Lavendor's daughter                  Chocolate                          Shetland

2013 Babies
babies out of Walter
Paris's daughter                                    White                                BFL x BL-Wensly

2014 Babies
babies out of Alejandro
Adele's daughter                                     White                                      BFL                       
Scarlet Dutchess's daughter                             White                                       BFL           
Cottontail Sis's daughter                                  White                           BFL X BL_Wensly
March Stefani's daughter                                    White                            Coopworth x BFL

2015 Babies
babies out of Raven
Deeva's daughter                               White                                Blue Faced Leicester  
Rumor  Deeva's daughter                                   White                               Blue Faced Leicester
Jelly Bean Dutchess's daughter                      White                       Blue Faced Leicester
Pepper Annietutu's daughter                      Dark Brown                     Coopworth x BFL

Babies out of BooBoo                      
Blue Bell Cricket's daughter                           Black                                   Shetland

New to Herd,
same ancestors
                                         Ivory with dark spots               Shetland

New Rams
                                                       Dark Brown                               Blue Faced Leicester  
Mitt                                                                   Dark Brown                                7/8 BFL 1/8 Romney

2016 Babies
babies out of Sterling  
Levion Francy's daughter                  Dark Brown                      Blue Faced Leicester
Black Ruby Adele's daughter               Dark Brown                      Blue Faced Leicester
Wally Annietutu's son                                        White                                     BFL Cross
Mr T March's son                                      White                                    BFL Cross

babies out of Mitt
Tigger's daughter                                     White                                    BFL Cross
Pearl Mercy's daughter                                        White                                    BFL Cross

babies out of BooBoo
Lavendor's son                                          Ivory                                       Shetland
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